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American RR Corporation “American RR”, is an American company, which was born in the year 2008 as a subsidiary of the Venezuelan company Productos Branvi C.A.

Its founders sought to expand in response to the recession of the Venezuelan economy and the increase of externalities in the market, although two legal persons have the same mission: Meeting the needs through marketing and distribution of lighting, electrical, plumbing and hardware products..

American RR, represents recognized companies such as PHILIPS (lighting) and General electric (electrical distribution) through the distribution of products that meet stringent quality standards. In the year 2015 the company expanded to the Latin American market.

The Energy saving product line has been distributed in Colombia, Nicaragua and Guatemala, fulfilling the ecological and energy-saving vision of the brand while efficiency prevails in products and services.

American RR Corp, is governed by the same commercial philosophy of Productos Branvi, C.A.; where the experience of more than 20 years in the Venezuelan market has directed its founders to venture into other large economies and position themselves as one of the main distributors of lighting, electrical, Ferreteros and plumbing products.

Currently, we have the opportunity to be Distributors of key products that allow us:

  • Penetration to Central American and Latin American markets with quality products and effective electrical-hardware solutions.
  • Reach those customers who want avant-garde products that don’t easily locate.
  • Customer service in their specific requirements.



The market and the Latin American moment, is very interesting for companies in full development like ours, that is focused on a permanent growth and based on products of high quality and good service. Competition, is very weak in handling the service. Special point in which our company focuses and has been promoting for 20 years.

We have a great spectrum of the market

With a wide variety of products to handle

With excellent growth projections


Offer innovative high-tech lighting and electrical solutions

Keep caring for the planet with energy-saving products

Financial intelligence to reach nowadays businesses

Developing projects with efficiency and excellent luminous performance.

Maintain a long-term relationship with satisfied customers and suppliers

American R&R Corp

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A world of quality and good service, with more than 20 years of experience. Distributors of the best brands in the hardware, lighting, construction, electronics and plumbing areas.


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Productos Branvi, C.A.


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