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As distributors of PHILIPS, world leader in lighting, we focus on improving the warmth of your spaces, bringing with it innovation in lighting to enliven your environment while you are in your home, office or business. Offering quality, durability and various wattages, shades and sizes, satisfying the demands of our most diverse customers.

PHILIPS Lighting LED systems have high technology, warranty and local support.


We offer the line of pipes and PVC connections that is characterized mainly by its light weight, besides being inert to the aggression of the waters and of the lands, promising durability and safety in all its presentations, optimizing its performance and providing the resistance it needs.

We also have grates for drainage and drains in bronze, aluminum, iron, combined or plastic, for multiple uses such as bathrooms, showers, kitchens, garages, indoor or outdoor patios, gardens, water registers, Metallic structures of support and cover, pedestrian and vehicular sumps . With the guarantee and the duration our customers need.


Focused on giving our consumers just what they need when they need it, we bring the line of switches and boards General Electric that offer confidence and security for your residence, commerce or establishment, making it a safer place, with a wide variety of quality materials that make it easy to connect and install. Helping to reduce energy costs by making them not only safe but durable.


Focused on solving the daily necessities of mobilization of light and intermediate loads, we distribute wheels designed to adapt and satisfy the requirements of displacement for supermarkets cars, laundries, hotels, ice cream and industrial transport. We offer quality products in different dimensions, hardness and load capacities that meet the mobility needs.

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